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Subject-verb agreement is an essential concept in the English language that ensures that the verb used in a sentence agrees with the subject. This agreement is based on the number and person of the subject, and it plays an important role in making the sentence grammatically correct and coherent. Introducing subject-verb agreement exercise class 3 will help young learners build a strong foundation for their writing skills.

Here are some useful exercises that can assist your students in improving their subject-verb agreement skills:

1. Identify the correct verb

Providing students with a list of verbs and asking them to choose the one that agrees with the subject is a great way to start teaching this concept. For example, you can give them a sentence like «The dog ___ barking loudly.» and ask them to choose the correct verb from options like «is,» «are,» or «am.»

2. Match the subject with the verb

This exercise is about matching the subject with the correct verb. You can create a worksheet with a list of subjects and verbs and ask students to match them correctly. For instance, you can provide the subject «The boys» and ask them to match it with the verb «play.»

3. Fill in the blanks

This is a simple activity that involves filling in the blank spaces in a sentence with the right verb. You can provide sentences with incomplete verbs, and students will have to fill in the correct verb that agrees with the subject. For example, you can give the sentence «The cat ___ on the sofa,» and ask them to fill in the correct verb.

4. Rewrite the sentence

This exercise focuses on changing sentences with incorrect subject-verb agreement into sentences with correct subject-verb agreement. Students can rewrite sentences like «The team are playing well» to «The team is playing well.»

5. Sentence correction

This activity is all about correcting sentences with incorrect subject-verb agreement. Provide sentences with mistakes, and ask students to identify and correct them. For instance, you can give them a sentence like «The flower is smells good» and ask them to correct it to «The flower smells good.»

In conclusion, subject-verb agreement exercise class 3 is vital in building and improving a student`s writing skills. These exercises will help students understand the concept of subject-verb agreement and enhance their ability to use the right verb for a given subject. Remember, practice makes perfect, so encourage your students to attempt these exercises and make them a part of their writing routine.

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