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As a consumer looking for a new cell phone provider, it`s important to understand the contract options available to you. One question that often comes up is whether US Cellular buys out contracts from other providers.

The short answer is yes, US Cellular does offer a buyout program for customers looking to switch from another carrier. However, there are certain terms and conditions that apply.

First and foremost, the buyout program is only available to customers who are switching to US Cellular and porting their current number. Additionally, customers must trade in their current phone and purchase a new phone from US Cellular on a device installment plan.

The buyout amount is also limited to $650 per line, with a maximum payout of $3,500 per account. This means that if you have multiple lines on your account, the total amount you can receive for buyouts is capped at $3,500.

It`s important to note that the buyout amount will not cover any early termination fees or outstanding balances owed to your previous provider. It`s recommended that you contact your current provider to confirm any fees or balances that may need to be paid off before switching to US Cellular.

To take advantage of the buyout program, simply visit a US Cellular store or call customer service to discuss your options and initiate the process. In most cases, the buyout amount will be applied as a credit to your US Cellular account over several months.

Overall, US Cellular`s buyout program can be a great option for customers looking to switch providers and take advantage of a new device installment plan. Just be sure to understand the terms and conditions before making the switch.

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